how to order how to order

The hand-crafted nature of Tania's work allows the client to personalise their orders with inscriptions, dedications or special designs and, of course, her creations can be shipped worldwide!

For any additional information, simply write an email to our address ( or contact us by "contact" section on the last page of the site.

To order you can download this Google Sheets file (ORDER LIST) and:
1) select the item "File" at the top left
2) select "make a copy" or "download" the file
3) fill in the file with your order
4) send us the file to the contacts indicated above

Otherwise you can write an email indicating: number list, shape, pattern, quantity of your order.
For example:
- #2 oval platters, Papaveri, x4
- #10 sushi tray big, Luigina, x2

Obviously you can ask for all the customizations you prefer, in every area of the ceramic!